Our Services


The Flag Ship of our product line up. Plain and simple, THEY WORK! And have worked for our users for some time now. We were leaders in electronic marketing a decade ago when the rest were skeptics and today, they all want in the game. When it comes to email marketing lists, size doesn't matter, quality does. We may not be the biggest dog in the fight but we darn sure are the best… and we got there first!


Everybody has something they need…or don't need!  Failure to advertise is like winking at a girl in the dark. If you want them to know you’ll have to turn on the lights.  If you feel a WINK coming on, submit your own classified for approval or if you need our help,  contact us and we’ll do it for you.  Give our COUNTRY CLASSIFIEDS a try.  THEY WORK TOO!


Let us help you attract prospects and customers with individual videos of all of your sale lots, professionally edited and posted on our website a minimum of two weeks prior to your sale, then direct your clients to our website to view the videos.  Videos are a  great way to promote your sale and gives you the extra edge to reach a larger clientele; a conference call is also included in the package for those buyers that can’t make it on sale day.  Video promotion is becoming very popular and we take pride in the quality and popularity of our videos.


If you can't have 'em on the seats, let's have 'em on the phone… with a professional who knows and understands the auction process.?We provide low cost toll free call plans, specialized equipment, and experienced personnel?to insure a positive experience for your bidders and buyers.?


Professional, respected, & courteous with more than a decade of experience working production sales in Montana and surrounding states. Orders placed in my care are kept confidential - as they should be. Ring Service doesn't cost, it pays!


Let's be Partners! Why not make it easy for our viewers to find you? We'd be happy to post your hot linked web banner on our site driving qualified customers and prospects to your business. That's what networking is all about. Remember, a wise man once said, "Failure to advertise is a lot like winking at a girl in the dark". If you feel a wink coming on… give us a call and we'll work out the details!


We proudly represent Stockmens Insurance Agency, LLC,  a premier livestock insurer offering complete equine and bovine coverage including mortality, loss of use, and major medical as their primary line of business, not a sideline.  We partner with you and you buyers to provide the protection you want and need.  Bill has been a multi-line producer licensed in Montana and surrounding states since 1989.


Bill is a Long time associate in excellent standing with State of Montana Brands Enforcement Division (Packers & Stockyards Administration) Licensed & Bonded Livestock Dealer. Bank reference available (MT License # 1175)