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Registered Yearling Bulls – Call for Pricing

Genomic Testing:  Angus Genomic Selection


MLK Open Range 815                     Birth Date 3/1/2018
AAA Registration # 19102248

This Hilltop Open Range son is out of our nice pathfinder cow, Sitz JLS Queen Esther.  MLK Open Range 815 has a very balanced EPD profile and he has lots of eye appeal. His birth weight was 78 lbs. with a 205-day adjusted wean weight of 768 pounds on straight grass. 

MLK Open Range 815




MLK Resource 817                           Birth Date 2/18/2018
AAA Registration # 19106486


This SAV Resource son is an embryo transplant out of our 11-time pathfinder donor cow, Sitz Pride 374.  MLK Resource 817 is in the top 3% for wean weight, the top 2% for year weight and the top 5% for carcass weight.  He will definitely add pounds to your herd!

MLK Resource 817



MLK Rampage 819                           Birth Date 2/21/2018
AAA Registration # 19102243

One of our favorites, this Quaker Hill Rampage son is out of our Sitz Blackbird family.  This Bull has it all; muscle, volume and depth with quite an arsenal in the EPD Department!  MLK Resource 819 ranks in the top 1% for Weaning Weight and Feedlot Value and he is in the top 2% for Beef Value.  His other EPDs aren’t far behind.  819’s birthweight was 88 lbs. with a 205-day adjusted wean weight of 834.  His laid-back temperament and great disposition would make him a great addition to any herd!

MLK Rampage 819



MLK Rampage 838                           Birth Date 2/25/2018
AAA Registration # 19102247

Another Quaker Hill Rampage son out of our excellent pathfinder cow, Sitz Elsiemere.  MLK Rampage 838 is in the top 1% in $F and in the top 2% for WW, YW and $B.    His birth weight was 80 lbs. and he had a 205-day adjusted wean weight of 806. This bull has it all; excellent EPDs, length, thickness and depth, great feet with an exceptional structure!

MLK Rampage 838



MLK Broker 849                                Birth Date 2/20/2018
AAA Registration # 19102251

This Sitz Broker son is out of Sitz Barbaramere 549.  She previously had a son that was the 2nd highest selling bull at $28,000 in the 2012 Sitz Sale.  849’s EPDs do not reflect his length, depth, thickness and overall good looks.  MLK Broker’s birth weight was 84 lbs. and his 205-day adjusted wean weight was 764 lbs.

MLK Broker 849



MLK Cash 852                                    Birth Date 3/2/2018
AAA Registration # 19105901

This Barstow Cash son, an embryo transplant is also out of our pathfinder Sitz Pride 374 donor cow. MLK Cash 852 has exceptionally well balanced EPDs.  He is a broad and big hipped bull with lots of depth.  His birth weight was 77 lbs. and he had a 205-day wean weight of 777, and as with all of these bulls, they came off straight grass.

MLK Cash 852



MLK Granite 892                               Birth Date 2/25/2018
AAA Registration # 19102244

This Connealy Black Granite son is out of the Eisa Evergreen family.  MLK Granite 892 is thick made with lots of muscle and depth and is quite the looker!  892 has well balanced EPDs.  His birth weight was 100 lbs. which we attribute to a combination of extremely cold weather and excellent feed.

MLK Granite 892