• Bozeman, Montana

ST Genetics will be conducting an A.I. Management School to be held in Bozeman, Montana.  This school is scheduled for Monday December 2nd through Thursday December 5th, 2019. This school is designed to teach the artificial insemination technique and to help you make the best decisions about your A.I. program. Some of the subjects covered are:

*Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction

*Frozen Semen Handling and Equipment Practice

*Heat Detection and Synchronization Programs

*Breeding Program Best Practices


*Principles of Genetics / Sire Evaluation

*Reproduction and Fertility

*And Many Hours of Live Cow Insemination Practice

The price for the school is $1000.00 with a $200 Semen Certificate towards the first purchase of semen. To receive an application or for more detailed information please direct your inquiries to the name and contact number or email address listed below.  Schools fill quickly, and this is a first come first serve basis. No one is considered registered for the school until an application and check is received.  Should the school be cancelled for any reason, your money will be refunded.

John Jackson, Regional Manager

ST Genetics

Phone: 406-672-5889

Email: jjackson@stgen.com