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Sales & Events

Douglas Booth Family Angus 02/21/2017 Torrington, WY
Gill Red Angus 02/21/2017 Timber Lake, SD
Cedarflo Angus Ranch 02/22/2017 Lemmon, SD
C Diamond Simmentals 02/22/2017 Dawson, ND
Veseth Cattle Co. 02/22/2017 Malta, MT
VanDyke Angus Ranch 02/23/2017 Manhatten, MT
Hyline Angus 02/24/2017 Ramsay, MT
Gaffney Family Cattle 02/25/2017 Bameveld, WI
Baker Angus 02/25/2017 Vale, OR
Strommen Ranch Angus Bull Sale 02/25/2017 Fort Rice, ND
Carlson Angus Ranch 02/25/2017 Mott, ND
Johnson Rose Angus Ranch 02/25/2017 Mobridge, SD
Neel's Angus & Never Sweat Ranch 02/25/2017 Missoula, MT
Kal-Kota Ranch 02/26/2017 Mandan, ND
Winter Grazing Workshop 02/27/2017 Malta, MT
Circle L Angus 02/27/2017 Dillon, MT
M. R. Angus Ranch Reyes-Russell Bull Sale 02/27/2017 Wheatland, WY
JC Heiken & Sons 02/28/2017 Miles City, MT
Connelly Angus 02/28/2017 Valier, MT
Beery's Land & Livestock Co. 03/01/2017 Vida, MT
L Bar W Cattle Company & Sidwell Ranch 03/01/2017 Columbus, MT
Ox Bow Ranch 03/01/2017 Wolf Creek, MT
Infinity Angus 03/02/2017 Glasgow, MT
Split Diamond Ranch 03/02/2017 Dillon, MT
Chimney Butte Ranch 03/03/2017 Mandan, ND
Reminisce Angus Ranch 03/03/2017 Dillon, MT
Carl Dethlefs & Sons 03/03/2017 Rockville, NE
Camas Prairie - Crouthamel Performance Plus Bull Sale 03/03/2017 Lewiston, ID
Sandmeier Charolais 03/03/2017 Bowdle, SD
Schuppe Farms 03/04/2017 Sterling, CO
Ludvigson Stock Farm 03/04/2017 Nevada, MO
Redland Red Angus 03/04/2017 Hysham, MT
V F Red Angus - Sale date moved to March 15th 03/04/2017 Terrebonne, OR
Lucky 7 Angus 03/04/2017 Riverton, WY
Wheeler Mountain Ranch 03/06/2017 Whitehall, MT
Clear Creek Angus 03/06/2017 Chinook, MT
ZumBrunnen Angus 03/07/2017 Lusk, WY
Hancock Livestock 03/07/2017 Riverton, WY
Nansel's Flying N Ranch 03/07/2017 Miles City, MT
Jindra Angus 03/07/2017 Creighton, NE
Apex Angus 03/07/2017 Valier, MT
Open 8 Genetics 03/07/2017 Charlo, MT
Sandhill Red Angus 03/07/2017 Sidney, MT
Ridl Angus 03/07/2017 Dickinson, ND
Heart River Ranch - Open A Angus 03/08/2017 Belfield, ND
Udy Cattle Company 03/08/2017 Rockland, ID
Fritz Red Angus 03/09/2017 Brady, MT
Sunny Okanogan Angus Ranch 03/09/2017 Okanagon, WA
Wyoming Bull Test 03/09/2017 Shoshoni, WY
Leland Red Angus/Koester Red Angus 03/10/2017 Beach, ND
Quest of the West 03/10/2017 Spanish Fork, UT
Duncan Ranch Co. 03/11/2017 Joplin, MT
Riverbend Ranch 03/11/2017 Idaho Falls, ID
Birdtail Ranch Angus 03/11/2017 Augusta, MT
Big Rok Angus 03/11/2017 Detroit Lakes, MN
Kretschman Angus 03/11/2017 Buffalo, WY
Oedekoven Angus 03/11/2017 Buffalo, WY
Diamond J Angus 03/12/2017 Mandan, ND
Pine Coulee Angus 03/13/2017 Hardin, MT
Holden Herefords 03/13/2017 Valier, MT
Spring Cove Ranch & JBB/AL Herefords 03/13/2017 Bliss, ID
Hansen Registered Angus 03/14/2017 Froid, MT
Cooper Herefords 03/14/2017 Willow Creek, MT
Veltkamp Angus 03/14/2017 Manhatten, MT
Loosli Red Angus 03/14/2017 Ashton, ID
Hansen Registered Angus 03/15/2017 Froid, MT
Stevenson Angus 03/15/2017 Hobson, MT
Lufkin Cattle Company 03/15/2017 Salmon, ID
V F Red Angus 03/15/2017 Terrebonne, OR
Hansen Registered Angus 03/16/2017 Froid, MT
Carter Cattle Company 03/16/2017 Pingree, ID
Evenson Angus 03/16/2017 Lemmon, SD
Malek Angus Ranch 03/16/2017 Highwood, MT
MT Performance Bull Co-op 03/17/2017 Columbus, MT
Milk Creek Reds 03/18/2017 Plevna, MT
Linhart Angus 03/18/2017 Lewistown, MT
Becker Farms 03/20/2017 Ballantine, MT
Flat Water Red Angus Gang 03/20/2017 Valentine, NE
Elston Lone Tree Ranch 03/21/2017 Spiritwood, ND
Green Mountain Red Angus 03/21/2017 Logan, MT
Blevins Angus Ranch 03/21/2017 Missoula, MT
Elston Lone Tree Ranch 03/22/2017 Spiritwood, ND
McCumber Angus Ranch 03/22/2017 Rolette, ND
Elston Lone Tree Ranch 03/23/2017 Spiritwood, ND
Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch 03/23/2017 Sidney, MT
Vertical Edge Genetics 03/25/2017 Bancroft, ID
Lund's B Bar Angus 03/25/2017 Baker, MT
Sinclair Cattle Company 03/25/2017 Buffalo, WY
Larsen Ranch Angus 03/27/2017 Forsyth, MT
Feddes Red Angus 03/27/2017 Manhattan, MT
Leachman Angus Ranch 03/28/2017 Toston, MT
Hould Angus 03/29/2017 Havre, MT
Axtell Cattle Company 03/29/2017 Sterling, CO
Master Angus 03/29/2017 Chinook, MT
Hould Angus 03/30/2017 Havre, MT
Hould Angus 03/31/2017 Havre, MT
Silver Bit Angus Ranch 03/31/2017 May, ID
Beery's Land & Livestock Co. 04/01/2017 Vida, MT
Spear J Red Angus 04/01/2017 Jordan, MT
Hyland Angus 04/02/2017 Ramona, SD
R. Math Farms 04/03/2017 Malta, MT
Nissen Angus 04/05/2017 Chinook, MT
Bowles J 5 Reds 04/06/2017 Glasgow, MT
Arntzen Angus Ranch 04/06/2017 Hilger, MT
Bar 69 Angus 04/06/2017 Belle Fourche, SD
Springlake Angus 04/07/2017 Lynch, NE
Beckton Red Angus 04/11/2017 Sheridan, WY
Weisbeck Red Angus 04/12/2017 Herreid, SD
Pass Creek Angus Ranch 04/12/2017 Wyola, MT
Bar JV Angus 04/12/2017 Fairview, MT
Northern Premier Livestock 04/13/2017 Chinook, MT
Feiring Angus Ranch 04/15/2017 Powers Lake, ND
Milk River Angus 04/19/2017 Chinook, MT
Spickler Ranch South 05/01/2017 Glenfield, ND
Best Angus & Quarter Horses 05/02/2017 Watford City, ND

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