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“Our page on your website looks great.”  Seedstock Producer | February 2021

“Wow, that is so powerful! I just looked at what you do with sortable spreadsheet … It’s no wonder people use your service! Seedstock Producer | January 2021

“I really love the layout of your page.  It’s so clear, easy to navigate, and so organized.  It’s honestly quite remarkable.”  Bull Buyer, Seedstock Producer | January 2021

“I am just writing to express how thankful I am that you sent Chelsee my direction to take photos of cattle as well as to say how impressed I am with the quality of photos she turned out on short notice in a tight time frame. I certainly know how difficult it is to get the caliber of pictures she did with bulls not familiar with her. We certainly appreciate how she changed her schedule to accommodate us. Knowing that she took photos in Billings and then Idaho, I think that she must edit in her sleep. She told me the photos would be ready for us today and she was true to her word.” Photography Customer January 2021

“I have looked at enough bull sale videos that did not excite me about buying a bull from that sale. The Shipwheel video showed these bulls in the positive perspective. What made it happen was the backdrop of golden straw, the panels used to get a perspective on frame size vs. another bull, the pen size was just right, you could see the bull from every angle, just the right amount straw so you see the bulls legs. After looking at the video I could buy a bull over the phone versus driving to the sale. Hats off to Klint and Lori and Pelton Livestock who did the video.”  Bull Buyer and Conference Call Customer December 2020

“We were very happy with the internet sale. Thank you for coming out at the last minute for us. We appreciate you and your crew. We’re glad that there is someone out there working for the little people.”  Seedstock Producer  | Online Auction Customer December 2020

“Thanks for being a professional resource in our beef industry.” Seedstock Producer December 2020

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