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“"You helped me with the online Diamond D sale yesterday and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. I got 4 bulls bought and I didn't make any big mistakes! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help and really want to thank you in person."”

Internet Auction Bull Buyer | December 2023

“Best online bidding experience I’ve had!”

Conference Call Customer | April 2023

“We have been having live auction bull sales for 27 years, but - due to a late change in circumstances this year - we decided that it made more sense to try an online only auction. We had been using Bill Pelton Livestock services for a few years to advertise our bull sale catalog and videos and enjoyed a good working relationship with Bill and his daughter, Darci. So, it made sense to talk to them when it came time to look into an online auction. Not only had we never sold online, we were also unfamiliar with buying cattle online. We were nervous!! Fortunately, Bill and Darci are very easy to talk to and they were consistently available and easy to get ahold of. Most importantly, they are knowledgeable and were able to coach us through the online auction process. They offered several choices of the type of sale we wanted to use and explained each in detail. We chose the "race horse" type auction and it was fun and exciting to watch, as well as very successful! Although we had been sad at the thought of giving up on our traditional live auction, we were very pleased with the ease of this process for us and for our buyers. Thank you for a job well done! Don and Omie Danell, Danell Diamond Six Ranch”

Online Auction Customer | March 2023

“I just wanted to thank you for genuinely caring about your customers no matter what size of operation.  You are one of the few in the cattle business that treats everyone the same.  You are honest, caring and trustworthy and we have always admired that about you and your business.”

Online Auction Customer | December 2022

“Thank you very much for all of your personal connection and service. We appreciate family businesses so much!”

Seedstock Customer | February 2022

“I can’t begin to express the impact that your presentation made on our region. The evaluations showed that your information was extremely valuable and captured the audience. I am very thankful for you to take the time out of your busy schedule to come present at this event. Between in-person and zoom attendees, we had an audience of around 70 individuals!  Again, thank you and I appreciate your support in my efforts to bring more awareness and resources to my region. I hope to continue to work with you in the future …”

BQA Sponsor and Host for In-Person | Virtual Training November 2021

“I love how progressive and organized you are!”

Seedstock Customer | November 2021

“I am sure enjoying these. Thank you for your efforts putting them on.”

BQA Webinar Attendee | October 2021

“Our page on your website looks great.”

Seedstock Producer | February 2021

“Wow, that is so powerful! I just looked at what you do with sortable spreadsheet … It’s no wonder people use your service!”

Seedstock Producer | January 2021

“I really love the layout of your page. It’s so clear, easy to navigate, and so organized. It’s honestly quite remarkable.”

Bull Buyer, Seedstock Producer | January 2021

“I am just writing to express how thankful I am that you sent Chelsee my direction to take photos of cattle as well as to say how impressed I am with the quality of photos she turned out on short notice in a tight time frame. I certainly know how difficult it is to get the caliber of pictures she did with bulls not familiar with her. We certainly appreciate how she changed her schedule to accommodate us. Knowing that she took photos in Billings and then Idaho, I think that she must edit in her sleep. She told me the photos would be ready for us today and she was true to her word.”

Photography Customer | January 2021

“I have looked at enough bull sale videos that did not excite me about buying a bull from that sale. The Shipwheel video showed these bulls in the positive perspective. What made it happen was the backdrop of golden straw, the panels used to get a perspective on frame size vs. another bull, the pen size was just right, you could see the bull from every angle, just the right amount straw so you see the bulls legs. After looking at the video I could buy a bull over the phone versus driving to the sale. Hats off to Klint and Lori and Pelton Livestock who did the video.”

Bull Buyer and Conference Call Customer | December 2020

“We were very happy with the internet sale. Thank you for coming out at the last minute for us. We appreciate you and your crew. We’re glad that there is someone out there working for the little people.”

Seedstock Producer | Online Auction Customer | December 2020

“Thanks for being a professional resource in our beef industry.”

Seedstock Producer | December 2020

“Quick thanks for a great meeting…Great work on your part. I think the producers really appreciate those learning opportunities – very timely information… great to see the local Vets involved as well.”

Beef Quality Assurance Training Seminar | August 2020

“Thank you all for your help in making our bull sale a success. With everything going on in this world, people trying to shut our bull sale down, we are grateful that we got to have it and that the good Lord blessed it.”

Digital Marketing, Conference Call Customer | April 2020

“I just wanted to say thank you. You’re a very good value and excellent service.”

Seedstock Producer | April 2020

“I REALLY liked how you presented our sale information. It was thorough, well presented and super professional.”

Seedstock Producer | February 2020

“I’m really impressed. You are FAST. And everything looks so good! And I just sent that minutes ago. The sale is up. The date is up. You already have links to our catalog and our website. You pulled all the pertinent information out. It’s well presented. It’s warm. It looks good. Thank you so much!!!”

Seedstock Producer | January 2020

“Pelton Livestock services are very good and a solid return on investment and value to us. This year we need to cut our budget on print advertising to make the sale works and online marketing and social media is the way to go.”

Digital Marketing, Video production, Conference Call customer | September 2019

“Thanks for the work you guys did on the bull test videos. We had a lot of compliments on them. it helps sending people to your site and letting them view them.”

Video Project and Digital Marketing customer | April 2019

“Thank you so much for helping at our sale! Many people contribute to the success of a sale and you … are counted in that group. The heifers sold exceptionally well and we had a great crowd. Our customer base expanded with some new buyers along with our true repeat buyers.”

Seedstock Producer | March 2019

“Thanks for helping with our advertising! You really have a great email program. I can look at it and see what it is quickly… and look or delete. It is always quick and simple and I love that! Once we are into something, we can stay and look as long as we want or just check the headlines.. like for sales. We have recommended you to a few other when we have talked “ads”.”

Seedstock Producer | March 2019

“Sure appreciate your marketing insights – we get stuck in a rut so this is helpful! Your help is appreciated and a real blessing!”

Seedstock Producer | February 2019

“Thanks for creating very nice place for people to find information about our cattle.”

Seedstock Producer | February 2019

“We got a call from a guy that saw the bred heifers on your website. I wanted to let you know they are all gone now – Appreciate all you do!!!”

Private Treaty Customer | January 2019

“Another event well done! That was such a wonderful venue for this! And it was so great to see all of the young people there! Perfect time to teach them…this will build a future that is safer for both people and livestock.”

On-Site Safety & OSHA Training Attendee at BQA Certification and Stockmanship Clinic with Tom Curtin | December 2018

“Great school learned a lot”

Major rancher in Montana after attending our BQA Certification and Stockmanship Clinic with Tom Curtin | December 2018

“Thank you so much for all your help through the whole process! Your company was awesome to work with, and we are excited to work with you again in the future!”

Video Production, Digital Marketing and Insurance Customer | April 2018

“Great work as usual. I really appreciated this. It looks really good and I had a contact within about 20 minutes of you posting it”

Agri-mercial Customer | January 2018

“Really like your new website!! It’s so clean and easy to navigate!”

Marketing & Communications Manager | January 2018

“Yesterday was great – new video pen worked like a dream – Videos took at least 2 hours less, we used 4 less helpers, and the day was beautiful!”

Video Production Customer | January 2018

“I am impressed with the website and it’s functionality. Anything and everything a bull buyer would need in buying bulls is available on the web site.”

Bull Buyer | December 2017

“Thanks, for being so supportive, we really were impressed by how many ranchers were at the Sale and were buyers … Keep up the good work.”

Digital Marketing Customer | September 2017

“Thank you for putting our Sale catalog on your website, I know we had a lot of people who viewed it from there. We had a great first sale and appreciate you helping us this year. I have enjoyed your website and what it has to offer.”

Digital Marketing Customer | March 2017