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Bill Pelton Owner

Bill is a third generation ranch raised Montanan with an Animal Science/Ag Production degree from Montana State University. He currently serves as the Montana State Beef Quality Assurance Coordinator,  is a past Board Member and Merit Heifer Committee Chair at NILE (Northern International Livestock Exposition) and recently completed two terms as an Advisory Board Member for Yellowstone County’s METRA PARK Complex where he chaired their newly formed Ag Committee. Bill has a lifetime of experience in Ag production and marketing, and enjoys being outdoors and working with agricultural people. Bill has three married daughters and six grandchildren.  He recently relocated to the Fishtail/Absarokee area where he grew up and continues to operate and manage BILL PELTON Livestock, LLC. Bill has the distinction of being first in the industry to develop and use electronic promotion, “e-CattleAds”, as a medium to help his clients achieve success. When not working in the business or serving as volunteer to further his lifetime goal of giving back to livestock agriculture he enjoys being horseback, playing golf and spending time with friends and family.

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Darci Sachdeva Business Manager

Darci Sachdeva grew up in the small town ranching community of Absarokee, and her childhood included time working on the ranch, riding horses, playing basketball, being outdoors, and proudly serving in 4-H and FFA.  Prior to embarking on her career in International Business, Ms. Sachdeva received her Bachelor of Science Major degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts Minor degree in Asian Studies from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Darci has also been awarded a Masters of Beef Advocacy by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). Like you, Darci has seen how technology innovations impact our lives over the years. With over three decades of experience in multiple industries and geographies she supports the Pelton Livestock team and our customers with the tools & technology that come with marketing “chores”.  As Board Director for the Alliance of Technology and Women, sharing her experience and giving back to help middle school children and women achieve their full potential is a cause that she is passionate about. Darci makes her home between Montana and Dallas, enjoys raising her twins, and spending time with her family.

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  • darci@billpelton.com