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and the great state of Montana where we're better known as the Seedstock Capital of the World. We invite you to visit our web site and encourage your feedback. As a leading agri-business consulting firm, we work diligently with our clients to deliver rapid results utilizing smart techniques and a team of seasoned experts. We've added features and changed formats in an effort to simplify and enhance stakeholder effectiveness. Take the tour and see what's new! If you're not already doing business with us, all we can ask is that you'll give us a try. There's no better time than right now to throw a loop around increased productivity and trail your outfit to higher ground…so why not saddle up and make the ride with us?

Sales & Events

Hould Angus 03/30/2017 Havre, MT
Hould Angus 03/31/2017 Havre, MT
Silver Bit Angus Ranch 03/31/2017 May, ID
Beery's Land & Livestock Co. 04/01/2017 Vida, MT
Brooks Chalky Butte Angus 04/01/2017 Bowman, ND
Spear J Red Angus 04/01/2017 Jordan, MT
Hyland Angus 04/02/2017 Nunda, SD
R. Math Farms 04/03/2017 Malta, MT
Windmill Angus 04/03/2017 Heigler, NE
Gollaher Ranch 04/03/2017 Cascade, MT
Hinman Angus 04/04/2017 Malta, MT
Nissen Angus 04/05/2017 Chinook, MT
Bar 69 Angus 04/06/2017 Belle Fourche, SD
Bowles J 5 Reds 04/06/2017 Glasgow, MT
Arntzen Angus Ranch 04/06/2017 Hilger, MT
Springlake Angus 04/07/2017 Lynch, NE
Top of the West 04/08/2017 Bozeman, MT
Ludvigson Stock Farm 04/08/2017 Shepherd, MT
Treasure Bull Test 04/10/2017 Great Falls, MT
Beckton Red Angus 04/11/2017 Sheridan, WY
Weisbeck Red Angus 04/12/2017 Herreid, SD
Pass Creek Angus Ranch 04/12/2017 Wyola, MT
Bar JV Angus 04/12/2017 Fairview, MT
Northern Premier Livestock 04/13/2017 Chinook, MT
Regency Acres 04/14/2017 Sidney, MT
Feiring Angus Ranch 04/15/2017 Powers Lake, ND
Medicine Rocks Ranch 04/17/2017 Bowman, ND
Milk River Angus 04/19/2017 Chinook, MT
DeGrand Angus 04/21/2017 Baker, MT
Jocko Valley Cattle 04/24/2017 Missoula, MT
Currant Creek Angus 04/25/2017 Miles City, MT
Opp Angus 04/26/2017 Dickinson, ND
North Country Breeders 04/27/2017 Glasgow, MT
Prairie Pride Angus 04/27/2017 Jamestown, ND
Wienk Charolais 48th Annual Bull Sale 04/29/2017 Lake Preston, SD
Spickler Ranch South 05/01/2017 Glenfield, ND
Best Angus & Quarter Horses 05/02/2017 Watford City, ND
McDonnell Angus 05/03/2017 Bowman, ND
Koenig Ranch Red Angus 05/11/2017 Glasgow, MT

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