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Lewistown Winter Fair. Calf Halter Breaking Demonstration
Gateway Simmentals
Begger's Diamond V Ranch
Idland Cattle Co.
McConnell Angus
Prickly Pear Simmental Ranch
Sletten Angus
Felton Angus
Carlson Angus Ranch
Fairview Angus
Foos Angus Ranch
Camas Prairie Angus
Has VideoLassle Ranch Simmental
Carlrams Ranching LTD
Booth's Cherry Creek Ranch
Mohnen Angus
Tokach Angus
Koupal Angus
Gill Red Angus
Veseth Cattle Co
Shaw Cattle Co
Has VideoDietz Family Angus
Durbin Creek Ranch
Has VideoPowder River Angus
Reich Angus
Circle L Angus
Has VideoJC Heiken Angus & sons
Connelly Angus
Cedarflo Angus Ranch
VanDyke Angus Ranch
Bear Mountain Angus
Brown Angus
Hyline Angus
Strommen Ranch
Crump Red Angus
Rancher's Choice Sale
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Sale Listings

Lewistown Winter Fair. Calf Halter Breaking Demonstration 02/01/2015 Lewistown, MT
Gateway Simmentals 02/02/2015 Lewistown, MT
Begger's Diamond V Ranch 02/04/2015 Wibaux, MT
Idland Cattle Co. 02/05/2015 Circle, MT
McConnell Angus 02/06/2015 Dix, NE
Prickly Pear Simmental Ranch 02/07/2015 Helena, MT
Felton Angus 02/09/2015 Springdale,, MT
Sletten Angus 02/09/2015 Faith,, SD
Carlson Angus Ranch 02/10/2015 Regent, ND
Fairview Angus 02/10/2015 Big Timber, MT
Camas Prairie Angus 02/12/2015 Grangeville, ID
Foos Angus Ranch 02/12/2015 Nisland,, SD
Lassle Ranch Simmental 02/12/2015 Glendive,, MT
Booth's Cherry Creek Ranch 02/12/2015 Veteran, WY
Carlrams Ranching LTD 02/12/2015 Cut Knife,
Mohnen Angus 02/13/2015 White Lake, SD
Koupal Angus 02/16/2015 Dante, SD
Tokach Angus 02/16/2015 St. Anthony, ND
Gill Red Angus 02/17/2015 Timber Lake, SD
Shaw Cattle Co 02/18/2015 Caldwell , ID
Veseth Cattle Co 02/18/2015 Malta, MT
Dietz Family Angus 02/20/2015 Sentinel Butte, ND
Durbin Creek Ranch 02/20/2015 Thermopolis, WY
Powder River Angus 02/21/2015 Arvada,, WY
Reich Angus 02/21/2015 Zapp, ND
Circle L Angus 02/23/2015 Wise River, MT
Reyes/Russell 02/23/2015 Wheatland, WY
Connelly Angus 02/24/2015 Valier,
JC Heiken Angus & sons 02/24/2015 Broadview,, MT
Cedarflo Angus Ranch 02/25/2015 Hettinger, ND
VanDyke Angus Ranch 02/26/2015 Manhattan, MT
Bear Mountain Angus 02/26/2015 Palisade, NE
Brown Angus 02/26/2015 Center , ND
Hyline Angus 02/27/2015 Bozeman, MT
Rancher's Choice Sale 02/28/2015 Eltopia,, WA
Crump Red Angus 02/28/2015 Gillette, WY
Strommen Ranch 02/28/2015 Fort RIce, ND
Clear Creek Angus 03/02/2015 Chinook, MT
ARO & C3 Sale 03/02/2015 St. Edward, NE
Apex Angus 03/03/2015 Valier, MT
Nansel's Flying N 03/03/2015 Mile City , MT
Hall - Pokorny Red Angus 03/03/2015 North Platte, NE
Jindra Angus 03/03/2015 Clarkson, NE
Ox Bow Ranch 03/04/2015 Wolf Creek,, MT
Split Diamond Ranch 03/05/2015 Whitehall, MT
Reminisce Angus Ranch 03/06/2015 Dillon, MT
Baker Angus 03/07/2015 Vale, OR
Bulls of the Bitterroot 03/07/2015 Stevensville, MT
JB Angus 03/07/2015 Belfield,, ND
Redland Red Angus 03/07/2015 Hysham,, MT
Solution Genetics 03/09/2015 Cushing, IA
Spring Cove Ranch 03/09/2015 Bliss, ID
Hansen Angus 03/10/2015 Froid, MT
Calvo Family Red Angus 03/10/2015 Bassett, NE
Veltkamp Angus 03/10/2015 Manhattan, MT
Hansen Angus 03/11/2015 Froid, MT
Hansen Angus 03/12/2015 Froid, MT
Leland Red Angus & Koester Red Angus 03/13/2015 Sidney, MT
Rollin' Rock Angus 03/13/2015 Sidney, MT
Flesch Angus 03/13/2015 Shelby , MT
Quest of the West 03/13/2015 Spanish Fork, UT
Birdtail Ranch Angus 03/14/2015 Simms, MT
Hilltop Angus Ranch 03/14/2015 Denton, MT
Riverbend Ranch 03/14/2015 Idaho Falls, ID
Birdtail Ranch 03/14/2015 Simms,, MT
Jallo Angus 03/15/2015 Fordville, ND
Becker Farms 03/16/2015 Ballantine, MT
Green Mountain Red Angus 03/17/2015 Three Forks,, MT
Stevenson Angus 03/18/2015 Hobson, MT
Malek Angus 03/19/2015 Highwood, MT
Linhart Angus 03/21/2015 Lewistown, MT
Altenburg Ranch 03/21/2015 Ft Collins, CO
Milk Creek Red Angus 03/21/2015 Plevna,, MT
Flat Water Gang Red Angus 03/23/2015 Broken Bow, NE
Master Angus 03/25/2015 Chinook, MT
Gartner-Denowh Angus 03/26/2015 Sidney, MT
Lund's B Bar Angus 03/28/2015 Wibaux, MT
Nissen Angus 04/01/2015 Chinook, MT
Springlake Angus 04/02/2015 Lynch, NE
Bar 69 Angus 04/02/2015 Belle Fourche,, SD
Springlake Angus 04/04/2015 Lynch, NE
Brooks Chalky Butte Angus 04/04/2015 Bowman, ND
R. Math Farms 04/06/2015 White Water, MT
Hinman Angus 04/07/2015 Malta, MT
Bar JV Angus 04/08/2015 Fairview,,
Northern Premier 04/09/2015 Turner, MT
Regency Acres 04/10/2015 Lambert, MT
Milk River Angus Association 04/15/2015 Chinook, MT
Larsen Ranch Angus 04/23/2015 Rosebud, MT