The Angus Tour people didn’t know my name but they thought I was a cutie and folks came from twenty six states and three Canadian Provinces, I think to see me, and I know to see some of the best genetics in the whole wide world.  Talk about hospitality, the South Montana Angus breeders know how to throw a party.

Believe me, there were a lot of people for me to LOOK UP TO this week in Montana’s Gallatin Valley!  In fact, one young fellow from the Lewistown area was tall enough to hunt birds with a garden rake.  It did take me a while to look up to him and I bet his Daddy had to shoot Corn Flakes up to him for breakfast when he was a boy!

In addition to good cattle and good people we got to see a lot of beautiful Montana scenery while riding the bus from stop to stop.  Which reminds me, one day the bus got back to our hotel so late at night it was almost tomorrow before we got to bed.  Momma said she now understands why Daddy gets a little crabby when he’s night calving.  Guess she’d never tried to look at black cows in the dark.  Makes a lot of sense when you think about it.  Hats off to Angus, Montana, and all the South Montana Angus breeders who went all out to show off their product.