Private Treaty

Yearling Black Angus Bulls 

Offering yearling bulls, sons of

  • KBL Altitude (McConnell Altitude)
  • KBL Granite (Paintrock Granite)
  • 1 direct son of Rito 3v17

Also offering a 2 year old bull

  • SAV Raindance 9525
  • He is a direct son of SAV Raindance 6848 x SAV Madame Pride 3045
  • We purchased SAV Raindance 9525 at the 2020 Schaff Angus Sale, as a yearling. He came directly from Schaff Angus
 All bulls have been semen tested and the ultrasound and yearling weights will be taken March 1st. Many are suitable for virgin heifers.  Delivery of bulls will be the end of March or April 1st.

For more details on Bulls please contact Kim Butterfield.

We started raising Registered Black Angus cattle in 2002.  We were based out of south-central Utah.  We purchased our place here in Veteran, Wyoming in the summer of 2007.  It was not until 2016 that we relocated to Wyoming. As you look thru our offerings, you will notice we mention calving ease and $M.  That is, we believe that the maternal side of the cattle production is what makes money.  A cow that calves easy and breeds back every year on time = dollars in your pocket.  Do we think carcass traits are important?  YES!  But those carcass traits do not mean a thing with a cow that only calves every other year at best.  If we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us.