MTN News HELENA October 11, 2018 – A new rule in effect in 10 Montana counties means all eligible animals must be vaccinated against brucellosis.

According to the Department of Livestock, eligible animals include all sexually intact female cattle and domestic bison, 12 months or older.

The rule now includes Big Horn, Broadwater, Carbon, Jefferson, Stillwater and Sweet Grass counties. It includes cattle that enter of these counties for seasonal grazing.

Before this rule, only cattle and domestic bison in Gallatin, Madison, Park and Beaverhead counties had to be vaccinated.

The rule also moves away from Dec. 1 as a cutoff date for vaccinations, and doesn’t specify animals be calfhood vaccinates.

The department says this gives producers more options.

According to the department, if producers haven’t vaccinated their replacement females in the past, they should contact their veterinarian to schedule replacement heifer vaccinations, as well as discuss options for unvaccinated adult females in the herd.

The “Designated Surveillance Area” boundary in a portion of Beaverhead County is also being adjusted for the third time since 2009, and cattle and domestic bison in the area will be subject to all brucellosis DSA regulations.