The NILE Merit Heifer class of 2017 left it’s mark at Metra Park in Billings, MT once again!  I think back over the years to 2002 when I first became involved with the program.  Back when there were only five recipients and all the heifers came from Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch.  The next year we awarded twenty young people with heifers donated by some of the premier seed stock producers in and around Montana  Since then, the class size has reached twenty five most years with one year that I remember of thirty two recipients.  Today there are well over 300 “Merit Heifer Kids” out there in all facets of agriculture and other industries.  There are Lawyers, Bankers, Seed Stock Producers,  Herd Managers, Sales Professionals,  Ranchers,  Accountants, Photographers, Teachers, Mothers, Fathers and Students, just to name a few.  Everywhere I go, I run in to them and am always proud of each of their individual accomplishment’s after graduating from the program.  The cream always comes to the top and it most definitely does for those involved in the Prestigious NILE Merit Heifer program!  My hat’s off to all of them.