I had to use the wipers coming home from a sale last night….what a novel idea!  It was only for a few miles and had it been 15 degrees colder it would have been a blizzard.  Mostly wind but enough rain to clean the windshield and thank God for that because it’s hard to find a gas station with window washing supplies this time of year.

I hope the weather app on my smart phone is telling the truth.  Looks like we could get wet several times in the next ten days.  That’d be very welcome in our part of the country!  Cows are tired of hay and cowboys are tired of feeding ’em.  Farmers are sitting at the edge of the field trying to decide whether to plant and irrigate, plant and pray, wait and pray some more, or go to town and look for a day job.  I get calls daily asking what pairs are worth.  Seems like everybody is getting geared up to pull the plug on cows if it don’t rain.

Let’s hope God ‘pulls the plug’ on a big ole black cloud and pulls it soon.  RAIN WON’T HURT THE KIDS!