So, you want to be among the self-employed, is that what I hear you saying?  It’s a long and usually bumpy road but you’re more than welcome to join the entrepreneurial ranks.  Provided, you have a sound business plan and the financial backing to get off the ground and over the hump.  Yes, HUMP is a key word for all the successful self-employed folks I know.

Don’t get to thinking it’s a ‘Get Rich Quick’ solution.  You’ll need some serious commitment and steadfast dedication to your cause.  If you’re willing to work twice as hard for half a much until such time (HUMP) as you are able to work half as hard for twice as much and then watch your P’s and Q’s from that point on you’ll get along great!

Let me cut to the chase…if you’re ‘doing what you love and loving what you do’ it’s a slam dunker for the honest and faithful.  A little good luck helps too!