Beef Quality Assurance Transportation (BQAT)

Beef Quality Assurance Transportation (BQAT) plays a critical role in the health and welfare of cattle. The proper handling and transport of cattle can reduce sickness in calves, prevent bruises, and improve the quality of the meat from these animals. By using best practices, transporters can save the beef industry millions of dollars each year. When a transporter participates in the program they are showing consumers they are ready to take every step possible to keep cattle as healthy and safe as possible.

The program covers many topics including:

  • Cattle handling guidelines & diagrams
  • Checklists for loading/unloading
  • Checklists for hot/cold weather factors
  • Checklists for fit/injured/weak cattle
  • Checklist for traveling
  • Loading suggestions and worksheets
  • Bio-security & Emergency Action Plans

To complete Beef Quality Assurance Transportation (BQAT) certification haulers have two options:

  • Online BQAT Registration at: BQA Transportation (Enroll and Complete Professional Driver Modules)
  • In-person BQAT Trainings for 10 or more

There are currently no BQAT Trainings Scheduled. If you would like to schedule a BQAT training, please contact Bill Pelton at or 406 671 5100.

BQA Transportation Manual

This is the official Transportation Manual of the Beef Quality Assurance program and includes the most current set of key practices, guidelines, and suggestions for providing thoughtful and responsible cattle management while in transport. The material in this manual serves as a helpful resource and serves as the foundation for training and certification programs offered nationally and by many states.

BQAT Manual

BQA Resources

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