Tyson Foods is committed to the well-being, proper handling and humane harvesting of all the animals we use to produce meat and poultry. This is a long-standing commitment, and we pledge our diligence in leading the industry pursuit of new and improved technology and methods to improve animal well-being. It’s not only the right thing to do; we believe it’s our responsibility. It’s an important moral and ethical obligation we owe our suppliers, customers, ourselves and, most of all, the animals we depend on for our livelihood. All Tyson Foods Team Members, as well as the independent poultry, cattle and hog farmers who supply us, are expected to respect and serve as stewards of the animals we work with every day, treating them in a proper manner at all times.

Our farmers work hard every day to be good animal stewards and to manage the animals’ welfare to the best current professional standards. In conjunction with sound science, expertise and skill, they continuously strive to improve and further strengthen their commitment as responsible animal producers. This dedication is demonstrated by providing quality food, water, veterinary care, and environments for daily living. We are proud to partner with these farmers in a commitment to provide responsibly raised food to our customers. Continuing this commitment is not only one of our core philosophies, but also reflects the values and requirements of our valued customers throughout the U.S. and across the world.

In support of these commitments, we have moved forward with requirement to source cattle from Beef Quality Assurance certified producers.

 Where to start?

  • Go to to earn free certification
  • Contact your state BQA Coordinator – find their contact information here
  • Contact your local fed cattle livestock market – many are hosting BQA training & certification events

What to do after you are certified?

  • Get a copy of your certificate to your Tyson Cattle Procurement representative!
  • MAIL a copy…EMAIL the electronic file…TEXT a PHOTO…

What happens if you aren’t certified by January 1, 2019? 

  • Tyson will not be able to do business with you!

Is anything accepted in lieu of BQA? Yes, we accept the following:

If you have ANY questions regarding your BQA certification, please contact your Tyson Cattle Procurement representative. ALL the Tyson representatives are BQA Certified. They can help you become certified too!